Social Media & Digital PR

We’re living in a world where the patterns of communication are changing faster than they have ever done in history. Today’s bright new Smartphone app is tomorrow’s junk software.

More than ever, organisations need to understand how their image and their reputation can be both enhanced and damaged by social media. Every day, there are tabloid stories of a hapless public figure brought low by social media, and for every one of those stories, there are countless organisations failing to take advantage of the opportunities presented by that same social media.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogging…sometimes, the breadth of social media can appear daunting. But by taking the same organised approach to managing this sphere on behalf of our clients as we do to protecting and enhancing their reputation in the traditional media, we deliver consistent and measurable results week in, week out. Successful organisations are successful in the way they engage with social media.