Public Relations

It’s a misnomer, really, the term “public relations”. It gives the impression of something a little loose, contented, generalist. We like to think of what we do on behalf of our clients and their public reputation as being a very sharply focussed, almost scientific approach. We take it extremely seriously, and we aim to deliver results every day.

Through regular management meetings with our clients, we know what their key messages are for today, for next week and for the forthcoming months. Every day, we match those message patterns with the changing news and media environment, enabling us to position our clients consistently at the forefront of the public’s perception, whether that public is a generalist one or a specific trade group.

We deliver a monthly analysis for every client showing reach, impact and cost benefit, and we update that analysis during the month to show how we are reaching audiences.

By matching our clients’ expertise with topical stories, we have a strong record of achieving third party commentary pieces, profile pieces and articles in the national, trade and broadcast media.