Public Affairs

Organisations do not succeed by being reactive. In the same way that they need to press and pursue their message through the right mix of media, they also need to make sure that they are heard – and heard correctly – by those people and organisations who have an influence over their future, in all their countries of operation within Europe.

The management of public affairs is about setting out the landscape of influence for an organisation, and methodically addressing all the components in each country. This spectrum of influence will extend from Brussels, Westminster, Madrid, Frankfurt and other important centres of power in Europe through to trade associations, consumer organisations, local authorities, shareholders, customers, clients, Think Tanks, business groups, unions, and pressure groups.

Your organisation both needs to have its message heard and understood, and has the right to a clear hearing in all countries within Europe and internationally. In order to achieve that end, we develop and manage a public affairs programmes designed to achieve their objectives throughout Europe.