Branding, design and websites

The internet is often the first port of call for anyone trying to understand an organisation. Studies have shown that we take in 84% of our information visually and so the look and feel of a website is crucially important in promoting an organisation’s reputation.

We work closely with our European clients to understand and develop their brand values and ensure these are reflected consistently across all of their communication platforms. All our websites are content-managed, giving our clients freedom and flexibility. We apply the same methodology of management science to branding as we do to media relations. We use the best graphics and web designers to deliver solutions for our clients which we test in all media: physical, digital, online, offline, above-the-line, below-the-line.

The external perception of an organisation is inextricably linked with its own corporate strategy, and the successful pursuit of strategic objectives depends on a consistently rigorous approach to branding and design across Europe and internationally. When almost 85% of all data is absorbed by people – professionals and the general public alike – in a visual manner, then branding and design become corporate tools, to be treated seriously and methodically and coordinated in all territories of operation.